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Acne needs to be taken seriously

Acne needs to be taken seriously

Despite the bullying and stigma, acne is not taken seriously enough, say leading charities.

James Partridge, from the charity Changing Faces, says attitudes need to change.

We need to show respect, help people cope, not belittle and stigmatise. Every year there are instances of suicide due to people’s distress around acne. Self harm is also very common.

Because it is not a life threatening condition, it struggles to attract money and research, the British Skin Foundation argues.

Spokesperson and Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto:

The anxiety skin disease creates often gets neglected. Because it’s not going to kill you, it falls at the bottom of a list of what needs to be done. People with acne are often overlooked – told to ‘get on with it’ or that they’ll grow out of it. I often see patients who refuse to make eye contact. People who grow their hair so it covers their face. People who refuse to go out, go to work or to go to school. If you’ve grown up with the mindset you’re a spotty teenager, the negative body image can stay with you for many years afterwards.

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